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Our status definitions:

  • Under Review- The initial start of a request during which our team is reviewing and setting the course for the next phase.
  • Pending Review- We think this request is a great idea. Our development team has taken a first look at this feature, it is on hold for now, but will be revisited in the future.
  • Considering for Future Release- This request has been reviewed and may be added in a future release.
  • Planned- This request has been approved and will be added to an upcoming release.
  • Started- Our development team has begun implementing this request.
  • Completed- This request will be available in an upcoming release.
  • Declined- This request was considered, but due to some reason will not be added.

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Under Review
Chris Campbell 5 hours ago 0
Under Review
grant.dawson 8 hours ago 0
choerske 6 months ago • updated by Chris Hoerske 11 hours ago 4
Pending Review
Larry 1 year ago • updated by nwilson 16 hours ago 12
Under Review
mhighsmith 19 hours ago • updated by Jesse Brinson 19 hours ago 1
Under Review
RyanG 4 days ago • updated by Hikato 19 hours ago 2
Under Review
Administrator 2 years ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez 19 hours ago 4
Under Review
Vex 3 months ago • updated 20 hours ago 2
DaMtechMatt 1 year ago • updated by Timothy Huynh 4 days ago 4
Under Review
Jose Becerra 4 days ago 0