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Useful tips:

  • Make sure you take a look at other bug reports before you submit one as most of the time other people experiencing the same issue write/label their reports a little differently
  • Please provide as many details as possible. Things we look for the most is what version (server, host, and guest) and OS you’re using and a detailed account of the issue. In addition, add any errors you receive.

Keep the following in mind when you are registering your report,

  • No spam/advertising/self-promotion
  • No “offensive” posts, links or images
  • Please add one bug report per post
  • Administrators oversee specific forums. They generally have the ability to edit and delete posts, move topics, and perform other actions. Posts may be deleted for any reason with/without notification.

Our status definitions:

  • Under Review- Our team is reviewing the bug report and setting the course for the next phase.
  • Planned- The bug report has been confirmed and is in queue to be fixed.
  • Started- Our development team has begun working on a fix for the bug report.
  • Fixed- A fix for the reported bug will be available in an upcoming release.
  • Not a Bug- The bug report was reviewed and declined for one of these two reasons (1) We could not replicate/verify the report (2) It is a duplicate report

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